Monday, April 25, 2011

*takes a deep breath*

Well, thank heavens that's over. Craziest weekend EvEr.
Friday night was the Secret Church simulcast. David Platt, who wrote That Book, Radical, is the pastor of a church in Birmingham, Alabama. And this church puts on this event called Secret Church. Basically, they take about seven hours on a Friday night, have some very simple worship, and study the word. Dive down as deep as they can. It's about learning to identify with our brothers and sisters who live in persecution for their faith, all over the world. And my youth group congregated on our youth pastor's living room floor to watch it via simulcast. Fifty thousand people, all over the world, watching the same thing, learning the same things from God's Word, at the same time. Each Secret Church event focuses on a different area of the persecuted church, and Friday night's was India. Fifty thousand believers, brothers and sisters in Christ, praying the same thing at the same time, that God would move amongst the believers in India. Can you imagine? If the prayers of a righteous man availeth much, how about the prayers of fifty thousand? Incredible.
Of course, seven hours is a long time, and one in the morning is extremely late. Corinne and Isabel fell asleep. Tabby turned into a turtle . . . . not sure about that one. And Stephen? Well, he got that "You are keeping me awake, therefore I hate you." scowl on his face. Lol.
Got home around two Saturday morning, took a bit of a nap, got up, went to church for kid's choir practice.
Came home, cut the grass, did other preparation-ey things. And then it was Sunday morning. Hope your Easter/Resurrection Sunday/whatever you want to call it was blessed. We presented our dance in the 'sunrise' service, to the song Lead Me To The Cross, by the Newsboys. The real Newsboys, not Tait and friends. Anyway. It would've been great if I hadn't Tripped. Yes, folks, went down on my knees, stepped on the hem of my skirt, tripped.
Other than that, it was awesome, the girls did great, etc.
Helped with the kids Easter cantata type thing in the late service. Sat in a corner on the stage during their rendition of I Can Only Imagine, to hand the little soloist her microphone at the right time. Skittered up on stage to stand behind Noah, the little boy in our children's ministry who just so happens to be blind, hold his hands, and lead him through the (crazy fun) motions to Take it All. It was kind of awesome. Noah just has this outlook on life that's . . . refreshing.
Then WAM (worship art's ministry) practice, with the same kids, working with them on their hip-hop piece as a help to Mom. They're coming along so well with that one. It's so cute!!!
Came home, took a shower (dance, kids dance, more kids dance. How many people come home from Sunday-church sweaty?), went to Nikki and Dawn's for the annual Easter egg hunt. This year, all of us from Riley and up hid so that the four littlest cousins could hunt. Then us "big kids" or, "old people," depending on who you ask, had an awesome scavenger hunt, at the end of which lurked some candy and an iTunes gift card. I love growing up. :D
Went to Nana and Papaw's for a visit. Ate leftover ham. Then Riley started really not feeling good (went to the doctor this morning, sinus/ear infection) and we went home.
Watched the PREMIER OF DOCTOR WHO, SEASON SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehe, but that's a story for another post.
Have a good day!!

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