Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hola, mi amigos. How's everybody this fiiine morning?
I've been better. Up late last night, headache this morning, blech.
It's been a while since I've been on, I guess I just haven't been in the mood. Still not, really. Way too much to do. But you know me and procrastinating.
So New Years Eve was epic. Not as epic as last year's youth group lock-in at the church, but . . . yeah. Wea ll went over to Joy's house. There was quite a group, actually. Her family, her grandparents, her uncle, her uncle's . . . friend? Donna (who goes to our church), Donna's daughter Reese, Joy's brother Al's girlfriend, and her friend/Joy's friend/their family's friend Kim.
I got forcibly convinced to stay the night, at the exact last minute. Like, as my parents were going out the door, so last minute, no-toothbrush sleepover.
Ella doesn't do spontaneous. Sorry folks, she just doesn't. Spontaneous with four 20+ year-olds? Eeeeven worse. See, Reese is twenty-five. She was the one doing most of the forcible convincing, and stayed the night too. Then Kim and Alexis (Al's girlfriend) stayed till about two-ish, so of course Al hung out too. So there was shy, keeps-to-herself, only sixteen little Ella hanging out with all of these big, adult-ish people . . . and Joy. Joy who's a whole heck of a lot more comfortable with that crowd than I am. We played about five games of twister, and two or three of human knot. It was wacky, man.
New Years day was, of course, the big annual airsoft war, which translates to sitting in Josh's sun room, looking out over the back yard, watching my brotheres and other guy folk shoot each other with pieces of plastic. Woohoo.
And, that's about it! Ttfn. :)