Friday, December 4, 2009

Bonjour Mon Ami

Good morning to all. A very merry December to you!! I'm so glad it's finally here . . . the holiday season is something I wait for and wait for and wait for all year long. It's my absolute favorite. I just can't wait 'til Christmas!!
I WON NANOWRIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I officially wrote a 50,000 word novel in thirty days . . . and I ACTUALLY finished it!! Like, I ended the story at the same time I ended the word count. 
And now my brayne is broket. lol just kidding. But it kind of does tend to leave you a little bit . . . lost. It's like, now I don't know what to do with myself. Or at least, I wouldn't if I weren't so darn busy.
Take today for example. Besides schoolwork ( :P stupid schoolwork), I have to finish cleaning my room, because it is atrocious and Joy is staying the night on Saturday. 
I need to work on this family-project-thingy that we're doing. See, one of my dad's clients is a building/development company, that just so happens to have a new housing development going up nearby, and they have these brochure-folder-thingies that need to be stuffed with fliers. So to save the company the trouble of finding somebody to do it, and to make a little extra holiday money, my family has taken over the project. It's passably entertaining, and extra money is going to be a good thing. 
Especially considering that I haven't bought the first Christmas present, or even the stuff to make the first Christmas present, as I am planning on hand-making most of my presents this year. And that takes a whole lot of time and effort, which is something I don't have right now, so I'm kind of stressing a little bit. Blah.
And then I have to pack.
'Pack? Why?' you say? Well, because we're moving, that's why. Grr. We're not going far, and it hopefully won't be for very long, so I think that everything will be okay. We're moving between Christmas and New Year's, which means that the big party that I wanted to have is O-U-T out. So I'm kind of bummed, but this too shall pass. 
And now I've gotta go, because the fam is ready for devotions, and after that this crazy day is actually gonna START!! 
Have an awesome day!! God bless! :)