Monday, May 9, 2011

So I've been putting off blogging because I have nothing new to say. A Decidedly Better Attitude than last time (remember? a couple posts ago? The Stuff? lol.)
Life consists of:
School. Attempting to finish algebra, catching up in chem., fighting to maintain a passing grade in French, and being hopelessly ahead in history (the Civil War, oddly enough). Quit Bible a while back, as the Crazy Heretic was only serving to cause me to sin, by considering murdering him. Gave up on literature, seeing as how I've already read more books this year than most kids read in their entire high school careers. Getting ready for the *gulp* SATs. I just keep telling myself I can take them again next year.
Dallas. As in, missions trip to. Raising money, making plans, figuring out flights. If you aren't reading my trip blog, To Dallas (and Beyond?), then I should tell you that Mama and Daddy decided to buy my plane ticket. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still waiting on my "encouragement rep" to get back with me on last minute plans, packing lists, and such.
Aaand, last but not least. Actually, most, possibly. Dance camp. I don't think a day goes by that I don't get something accomplished for it, but I'm not stressin' about it anymore. I got a purple accordion folder, a clipboard, a planning meeting or two, and some perspective. Everything's gonna be alright. And I can't tell you how incredibly psyched I am. I know that it should feel like work, but every minute I spend on it feels like, I don't know, fun? We did finally decide to add a "primary" class, so our ages now run from six through eighteen. Eeep!!! My (incredibly talented dancer, daughter of my incredibly talented aunt and mentor) cousin keeps joking about coming. I don't think she actually gets how much that terrifies me. And it's possible that she's not actually kidding.
And, that's about it. Sorry for the recap!