Friday, June 28, 2013

Sitting in another airport

On my way home this time. It's a bit vertigo, I'm taking a vacation and it's carrying me home. Things change, don't they? And I keep seeing people that remind
me of people. That's the funny thing about airports. So many people, stuck in an inbetween state, inside their own heads. Other people are a curious phenomena to be observed. I love airports, I love flying, I love to travel. I love traveling by myself. And my mom and my dad and my brothers and my sisters are on the other side. That's almost funny, in a missing-the-last-stair kind of way, not a haha kind of way. I've been away for a while now. But I'm so far beyond excited. Half an hour til my flight, then a two hour layover in Birmingham. This might be a long day.