Friday, November 26, 2010


Sooo, hi. How are you?
It's...umm...been a while. Huh? What have I missed?
I've been kind of hiding from my blog in the hopes that it might help me finish my novel. November. NaNoWriMo. Blah. 43,406 words, give or take. I'm almost there!
But I've decided it was time, high time, to do a long-overdue blog post.
And now that I've gotten this far, I can't remember why on earth I needed to post. So, what's happened since my last post? Kind of everything, but I guess I' we go. Wow. That's a lot.
~Seventies Night with the youth group. Put on a ridiculous costume to go hang out with my friends. We ate "seventies" junk food, played seventies trivia, watched an incredibly corny seventies "thriller" (read: Left Behind, plus a lame factor of )
~Tori's birthday party. More junk food, hanging out, "dancing" (thank heavens it was just line dancing. I can handle the Cha Cha Slide and the Cupid Shuffle) with my dorky homeschool friends and some of Tori's not-dorky public school friends. It was something of a learning experience. Me and Joy were practically conducting research the whole time, remarking on the differences between home- and public- schoolers. It was funny. :)
~Church Harvest Festival. Painting hundreds upon hundreds (or at least it felt that way) of faces.
~NaNoWriMo. Already been covered.
~Taylor Swift's new cd came out. Which, kind of caused more of a stir than it should've. I'm a little disappointed, seeing as how she's not 100% "safe" for my little sister anymore. Heard Better than Revenge? :/
~Game Night. Basically, girls night out, plus our youth pastor. It was a crazy insane blast, but then, what do you expect with my crew?
~Corinne's birthday party. Pizza, caramel apples, a movie, popcorn, cake, ice cream, music, games, and an epicly fun bonfire. :)
~Family bonfire.
~Thanksgiving. Hope you had a good one!
And I think that's it. Now, back to the novel. TTFN!!! :)