Friday, August 31, 2012

Defy the Dark

Quickly and without details posting my entry for the defy the dark contest. Will give full griping, chattering, and generally carrying on.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

White Noise

I've found my lifeline when it comes to writing in a house with eleven people. And it's right here, at
Actually, I like the brown noise option better, but either way, it's lovely. None of the distraction of music (which, yes, can be a distraction if you can procrastinate like I can), but all of the noise-blocking goodness. Even great with my broken headphone jack (stuff still plays out the main speakers even with the headphones plugged in), 'cause it's background-ish and everybody just thinks it's my dinosaur laptop constantly running it's fan, which is a thing that is normal. I've cranked out almost two-thousand words today, to a story that's been giving me loads of trouble. (Which is great, because it's my Defy the Dark contest entry, which is due in like three days. Yes, not done yet. Yes, I'm pushing it. Shut up.)
Only downside is, when you take the headphones out, the real world feels terrible quiet and odd, like when you're used to sleeping with a fan and then, for some reason, you can't. But other than that, lovely.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Well, Procrastination...

Which is really no excuse for how lax I've been about blogging lately. But there's stuff going on and I'm largely hiding inside my own head and feeling under-motivated; so I haven't felt like doing anything so self-aware as blog. Even though blogging is what I usually do when I'm procrastinating. So now I'm procrastinating my procrastination. Except that now, I don't feel like it. I'm hiding from hiding inside my head. So either I've quit procrastinating, or I'm procrastinating procrastinating . . . procrastinating.

And on that note . . . goodnight.

Man, that was annoying.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ladybugs and Sunflowers

(with my lovely little cousin)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sad Songs

Check it! In honor of Owl City's new record, releasing tomorrow, here, for your listening pleasure, is Adam Young's Tumblr, on which three of the most recent posts are demos of brand-spanking-new (i.e., newer than the new record) Owl City songs. Also, Adam Young is writing sad songs. Whyyy is he writing sad songs?

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Firstly, blogging on Riley's iPod. Because of reasons. Moving reasons. Not fun.
Secondly, it has occurred to me that my two-hundredth blog post is coming up soon (!!!!!). And I wanted to pose the question: what should I do to celebrate? Mum is advocating a sort of a recap of my favorite past blog posts, and while I'm not opposed to the idea, I am still open to suggestions?
Aaand, lastly, I'm getting a pretty sustained two or three hits a week from somewhere in Russia. Are you a real person? Because Daddy is relatively convinced that all of my non-US hits are from some sort of web-trolling robot thingy (okay, he said it more intelligently. He might have used the word spider? Which I am even less comfortable with. I'm ssscared of spiders.) But if you happen to be a real person, could you be so kind as to comment, just once? Just a word or two, or, like, a punctuation mark or something. Actually, that could go for everyone. If you are not Reese or Annie or another regular commenter, could you in some way confirm to me that you actually exist? I would rather appreciate it. :)
Okay. I think that's everything. Now to check my work and make sure there are no awkward autocorrect mishaps.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ohhh, I should blog...

Kinda don't feel like it, though. And having a difficult time coming up with anything to blog about.
I could talk about how we still don't know when or where we're actually moving, or where I'm going to be living and what I'm going to be doing abouuuut a week from tomorrow. But I don't feel like it.
I could talk about going to lunch and window-shopping at the frilly French antique shop with Grandma yesterday.
I could hazard an opinion on a sticky socio-political topic, like how this stupid Chick-fil-a thing is NOT a freedom of speech issue (believe me, if it was, I would be involved) and how no thank you, Mr. Huckabee, I will not be joining my fellow Christians in assembling en masse to "Eat Mor Chikin."
I could pick a piece of media I've consumed here lately and tell you exactly what I thought about it, but somehow I've not found the time to be reading right now; and the only things I've watched recently are Star Trek: Next Generation, the newest season of Falling Skies, and that silly Captain America movie with the lack of plot. Is it just me? None of these movies, not that one, not Thor, and, if witnesses are to be believed, not The Avengers. Why are these movies so popul-

Oh. Never mind. I see where that could have a certain . . . intellectual . . . interest. And I'm sure the writing is truly excellent and the characterization is marvelous and the plot has an ingenious simplicity to it that has been lost to the thousands of viewers with less discerning palates. Ahem.
I could lament my lack of inspiration on the front of the Defy the Dark harperteen contest, which has lovely prizes and opportunities but which I am having the darndest time figuring out what I'm going to write for.
Or how I've been feeling dizzy and queasy all morning. Or how my brothers had a friend over last night. Or the art projects I'm working on. Or the Olympic games, Gabby Douglas, Danny Boyle, and how disappointed I am NOT to be in London with Global Expeditions this month. Or the exciting Doctor Who trailer BBC1 released earlier this week and how quickly series 8 is coming up and how leery I am of Jenna Louise Coleman. Or the new season of Falling Skies. Or going to the Friends of the Public Library for (probably, hopefully) the last time yesterday and buying a copy of Northanger Abbey (finally!). Or the Figment friend who self-published his Sherlock Holmes pastiche on Amazon and then gave it away free to everyone who'd supported him on Figment. Or how I've quit biting my nails and they're getting long enough for me to accidentally scratch myself in the face while sleeping. Or how I'm getting kind of tired of Charlie the Unicorn and Minecraft.

However. I'm tired of being on the computer and not in the mood for blogging and, despite the headache and the dizziness (probably dehydration, I should do something about that), I'm sure I could find something more important to do. I might pick a topic or two mentioned here to expand on later, I might not. And, umm, I think that's it. Enjoy your Saturday!