Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So, Blogger=procrastination central! I know I should be screnzying, and I know I should start school, and I know I should clean my room, but, here I am!
So last night was supposed to be that thing at the library, but apparently THAT particular library is just retardedly hard to find. We got lost. Hopelessly lost. In the rain. On empty.
It was Tom-Tom's fault. I swear, that stupid gps thingie has tried to kill us on several different occasions. The thing is evil! And it almost cussed at me, but that's another story.
So we get there about five minutes after the event ended. Walk in, attempt small talk with a couple of librarians, pick up our copies of the booklet of entries, take a cookie so we didn't have to feel guilty for not eating, and went off to browse the library until my parents came back to pick us up.
Yeah, they dropped us off and left to get gas, asking us if we could find something to do until they came back. Us. At a library. Yeah, I'd guess we could find something to do.
I embarrassed myself horribly, which made me thankful that it was just Joy who saw. I couldn't for the life of me find this one stupid book I was looking for. Apparently I don't know how to use a library. Whatever.
So she found the book for me. And here I suppose a little backstory is necessary.
A friend of ours claims this particular book as his all-time favorite. And, at face value, that's ridiculous. All the great works of literature this world has to offer, and you pick that one.
But my grandmother chided me on not giving it more of a chance before I just started making fun of it. So yesterday I picked it up.
I felt like it was stealing, or sneaking drugs into the house or something, they way I hid it from my family, simply because it would get me laughed at. I'm supposed to have better taste than that.
So I sneak it up into my bedroom last night, and turn to face the wall to read it, so Anne can't see. And next thing I know, I'm three chapters in, Anne's asleep, and I should've cut the lights out about an hour ago. So now I must grudgingly admit that it is a good book.
And that makes me so mad! I hate being wrong, especially about things I was soooo sure about. I mean, there was no way in this world it was going to be a worthwhile read, and yet...well written, good message, touching, a page turner. Grr.
Buutt coming back from a very long rabbit trail, we started home. Well, we went to take Joy home. Got stopped by a wreck, had to turn around and go the other way.
The wreck was particularly bad, with several emergency vehicles clustered around. We could see paramedics dealing with people on the ground. So there we are in our old community, hoping it was nobody from our old church.
And later we find out it was somebody from our new community, a friend of Joy's family.
He's just my age. He's alright, thank God, gonna be okay and all that, but it's a wake-up call.
We're young. We feel invincible, like nothing can touch us. We've got our whole lives ahead of us, right?
Wrong. Time and again I see people my own age and younger, cut down in their prime. Life. Is. Short.
So why are we still living like we have 50+ years on this earth? Why aren't we living like every day could be our last? Why do I still get so wrapped up in life that I don't stop and look around.
Love the people in your life till you drive them crazy. Don't go to bed angry.
Get things right with God.
Do you know that He loves you? Do you know what He did for you? Yes? Good! No? Find out. Ask somebody.
Have you accepted His gift of eternal life? Do it! You never know when you could lose the chance.

Wow. On that incredibly serious note, I think I'd best be going. As wonderful as procrastination is, you should never do it long.
Have a great day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Poem

Hey, y'all! Here's the poem I entered into that contest I was telling you about. :) Enjoy!

Make a sound
Make it loud
Make it fast
Make it last
Fill the room
Boom boom boom
Fill my ears
Calm my fears
Stop my heart
Start stop start
My ears ring
Sing sing sing
Can't help that grin
Shout, "Again, again!"
And I smile
And I sing
And I soar.

So, yeah, not all that great. But, you know, I had fun writing it, and that's what really matters.
Good night, sleep tight!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Dare

Hey guys! Check out this post on my other blog, Confessions of a Homeschooler. While your at it, hang out. Read some stuff. Tell us what you think!
ttfn!! :)

Pointless Ramblings

Wowwwww, it's been tooooo long. I'm a bad person, I know.
But I can' t think of anything to write about!
This past month has been life as usual, almost to the point of being laughable. Like, overly-dramatized going according to plan. Which gives me the sneaking suspicion that something is about to bust wiiiiiide open.
But as my life is going about it's merry way, it gives me a chance to sit back and admire. And when I do, I just get this bizarre feeling of 'who am I?' How could God possibly see fit to put me here? I'm nobody!
Sometimes, I'm almost scared somebody's going to start laughing at me. Like, when I tell somebody that I'm Joy Marie's best friend, they'd react about the same way they would if I told them I was really the President of the United States. Or being able to list Corinne, Isabel, Haley, and Stephen among the people I call 'friend' would be like saying I'm related to Brad Pitt (or somebody equally famous. I don't keep up with this stuff.)
"You? You work with kids?? Yeah right!"
"You? Worship dance? For Him? Yeah, just keep telling yourself that."
"You? You're friends with THEM? Ha!"
Or maybe even "You? You go to Abundant Hope Baptist Church? Okay, honey, thats nice. Now, if you'll just come with me, I'm going to take you to a nice place where these nice men in white coats are going to give you this nice jacket that lets you hug yourself, okay sweetie?"
But then I remember, 'Oh yeah! Sometimes that's how God likes to work. He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.'
Well, I don't know about confounding any wise people, but it sure does confound me! But, even though I understand it, I can't even begin to thank Him enough! My God is an awesome God, and I'm am so psyched with His plans for me.
But anyway, after taking such a serious turn, ummm, yeah. This week is Nothing Special. Possibly a trip to the beach at some point, and definitely getting out of the house tomorrow. Grandma and Pawpaw are having their 'cousins' over for a powwow. And not that that doesn't sound like fun, but you know extended relatives. We won't be home tomorrow.
OH! I'll find out this week if I won the poetry contest or not. The public library puts on a teen poetry contest every year, and this year me and Joy both entered. So I should find out sometime this week. Hey, maybe I'll post my entry!
But for now I've gotta go. You have a fabulous day!!!! :)