Monday, June 7, 2010

I Lied

Whoops! I just went back, and realized I didn't say a WORD about slime night last year. Not sure how that happened, because it was epic.
So I guess I may as well just do it this year.
Once a year, several giant vats of slime (cornstarch+water=gooey icky fun) are made, and the youth group congregates in crappy old clothes to enjoy it.
We started with a burping contest (not exactly slimy, but still disgusting, which is the theme of the evening). Both teams picked two volunteers. All volunteers failed. Each team sent their oldest male. It was DISGUSTING!! But my team won. :)
Then the egg toss, which we lost, amid many snide comments from Stephen about "Watch your head, Ella's playing!" Okay, so last year, me and Mr. OverCompetitive himself were on the same team (which was awesomely fun, btw), and wound up as partners for the egg toss. I threw it, he didn't catch it, it landed right SMACK on the head of the guy to his left. We've been arguing ever since about who's fault it was.
Me: But YOU were supposed to catch it!!
Him: How was I supposed to? It was six feet to my left!!
Whatever. So this year, I replied by sticking my tongue out and telling him to shut up.
Then was Not sure what to call it. It doesn't have a name. One person lays down on the ground w/a 2-liter soda bottle on their head. Next person runs up w/a cup of slime, tries to pour it in soda bottle. When cup is empty, they switch, pourer becomes lay-er, layer runs and gives cup to next team member, repeat as necessary. First team w/a full bottle wins. We won, both times around.
Then bobbing for worms. Large vat of slime, gummy worms in it. One person steps into vat, two hold them up (man, is it slippery!), proceed to pick out worms w/ your toesies! And, I am becoming known for my nimble toes. My team won that too. :)
Relay races (kiddy pools, tarps, slip-and-slide), which nobody knew who won. Slime wrestling (two people on a slimed tarp, trying to push each other off), which we lost.
Then, the Epic Slime Battle. Several buckets of slime (some still w/gummy worms in them), a load of water balloons for each team, proceed to try to kill each other. :) That was my favorite part of the evening, always is. Everybody tries to get revenge for things that had happened earlier, and revenge is oh-so-sweet, and slimy. Case-and-point, I landed a fantastic, gloppy ball of slime on Stephen's head for the egg comment. He squeegeed it off and flung it at me. Wiped it all down Joy's back. Splashed Brandon for sliming me. Poured it on Corine's unsuspecting head. Loverly.
And that, my dears, was slime night.
Today is testing, last official day of school. Breakfast, a day full of timed, mark-the-bubble tests. Fun. Talk to you later. Thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alright, so, sorry. Ask anybody, keeping anything that resembles a journal is like, the thing I'm worst at. So, you know, whatever.
I only have a minute, 'cause I have to leave to go to the doctor's office. I got bit on the ankle by some kind of bug Monday night at Joy's, and now my ankle is all swollen up. So, I have to go to the doctor's. I hate the doctor's.
So, yeah, spent Monday evening w/Joy and her family, which was fantastic. Btw, hope everybody had a fabulous holiday weekend.
Yesterday was volunteering at the CPC. Oops, hadn't said anything about that yet, had I? Well, me and Joy are volunteering every Tuesday afternoon at the local Crises Pregnancy Center. Which basically means playing with baby clothes, bagging diapers, and lugging stuff up and down the stairs. It's really fun, and it feels good to just go somewhere and be as helpful as you can. It's not very hard work, and they're so appreciative of the help. It just feels good, you know?
Tonight is youth, as usual. Tomorrow=nothing special.
And then Friday (drumroll please!) is SLIME NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only my favorite youth event of the year. I do believe I blogged about it in detail last year. But, it is exactly what it sounds like, A chance to get coated from head to toe in (cornstarch) slime!!!!!
Looking further forward is Aunt Becky, Uncle Jared, and Cara's visit in the (very near!!!) future. Eight days and counting!!! :D
Then VBS, which always comes up faster than expected. This year we're doing Kingdom of the Son: A Prayer Safari, which is all based on the Lord's prayer. I'll be volunteering in the same position as last year, a crew-leader-type person for the 1st and 2nd grade class.
Directly after that is Dance/Worship Arts camp (technically called Exalt) at First Baptist of Norfolk. My aunt has been helping lead that up for years. I haven't gotten involved up to this point, but this year is a little different. With the position me and Joy have been taking in the dance group (if we can really call it that), it would be wise to try to get more equipped. It just makes sense, you know?
And past that, it's all up in the air. Heehehe, I'm a little crazy right now.
Everybody have a great day! :)