Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fifteen Minutes Until Devotion

This is becomming a regular part of my day. And it's awkward and uncomfortable and I don't like it. And everybody's bustling around me in three-million different directions and I'm sitting here, acutely aware of how very still I'm being, waiting for it to be 8:00 so that it's time for devotion and my day can start.
Because I don't really have anything I'm supposed to be doing right now. Or could be doing right now. And so? I blog. And wait.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On Barometric Pressure

...or whatever it is that's turning the inside of my brain to jello.
So you know those moments when you look at Facebook and realize that everybody but you still talks to each other. Like, people from middle school, people from high school, from old social groups, from old special events. All still liking each other's photos and commenting on each other's statuses like everything's still the same. And you're over here in a corner, having blocked and hidden most of them, having to remind yourself that you don't want to be a part of these little interactions. No? Just me? Alright, then. Moving on.
Is anybody else totally addicted to Colormania? Dumb iPhone app, takes notable images, logos, carton characters, flags, insignia and etc, drains them of color, and makes you fill in the blanks? Except everytime you guess the wrong color, you lose a life, and every time you run out of lives, you get locked out of the app for twenty-five minutes, and every time the app decides to let you back in, it crashes your phone and you have to restart the phone entirely in order to play again. Vicious cycle, and I'm officially stuck in it. Bah humbug.
Also, Pandora!! This magical machine that tells you all the music you like but you've never heard of, like Stateless and Mat Kearney and the list just goes on and on and it's really really fun.
There's been this dumb cold going around, everybody's been passing it from one to another, and I was one of the first to get it and then it was over and I got to laugh as everybody else slowly passed it along the line. It was funny. Until I woke up this morning. Now my head is stuffy and fuzzy again. Guess I probably deserved that, huh? And also, I should probably start taking a multivitamin.
It's Wednesday. My longest, slowest, busiest day that goes out with a barely-survivable two-hour children's ministry bang before I can make it to Starbucks with my girls for what I've come to think of as 'debriefing.' Except now, I even need to debrief from debriefing, because things with our little friend group are starting to stress me out too. Which brings me to the question: how many areas of your life can explode before the problem is officially you? And everything, from my work and my coworkers, to my friends on nearly every level (the big everybody groups and the little girls-only groups), to my life at the place where I live (limited time for cleaning and everything upside-down with my roommate), is stressing me out right now, and I can't seem to get a bit of peace and quiet inside of my head.
And, in case that doesn't communicate to you clearly enough my present state of mind, I'll be more forthcoming. I'm wound just a little tight today. I feel like something's off today, like when you're watching a 3D movie and you take your glasses off, and all the reds and blues shift away from each other and blur a little bit and make you kind of sick. Everyone seems to be saying here lately, something big is coming. Don't know if it's a paradigm shift or a catastrophe or the dawn of a new age or what, and maybe it'll be like in the old movies, where the monster was scary until it got around the corner and we got a good straight look at it and bad special effects just made it laughable.
Or maybe it's only me, and barometric pressure and ragweed season, and maybe I've had too much coffee and not enough sleep.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Carnival AND A Realization

With popcorn and snow cones and hot dogs and bounce house and soccer cage and bean bag toss and children running around everywhere, sugar coursing through their veins.
A carnival we put on for the residents at one of the apartment complexes last night.
My first real carnival with the little mission where I work.
Carnivals are crazy. Like, really crazy.
But we had a fabulous time.
I worked the bounce house, which was a constant stream of "three more minutes," and, "take your shoes off!" and, "be careful of the little kids," and, "wait your turn." But it was also a chance to talk to and get to know just about every child that was in attendance, and hang out and spend time with some I've known for a long time but rarely get to see anymore. It was fun, and I get to do it two more times. We have two more carnivals at two more places, the last of which is the place where I do Bible study: of course I'm most excited for that one. The residents at my little place, I'm positive, will come out en masse and have a great time.