Sunday, March 6, 2011

Okay. Sorry for the random post last night. Do you ever have one of those moments, where it just feels too awesome not the capture? Well, I had one last night. I was sitting on Corinne's couch, watching her, Anne, and Riley play Rock Band on the Playstation. Andrew and Stephen were in the next room listening to their (loud, metal) music, taking turns playing their iPods in the speakers, and talking about music. And all of our parents were in the room with the instruments, rocking out to some kind of eighties music and having entirely too much fun. And I'm like, you know? God's really blessed me with some awesome friends. Family, is more like it, I guess.
Church this morning was preeettyyyy spectacular too, although it was slightly trippy without Joy. She's staying the weekend with a friend. But I got to teach the first-fourth graders (boys and girls) a hip-hop dance to the MaryMary song, Shackles. And they did awesome. Even the fourth grade boys, who are already way too "cool" to do something like dance. I guess hip-hop is acceptable in their book.
Lol. Remember when I said Ella doesn't hip-hop? I guess God had something to say about that, huh?
It's such a blessing to watch these little ones worship. Last week, the younger half of the dance group (all girls) shared a piece they'd been working on for a long time, the Newsboys song In Wonder. The youngest girl involved was three, and the oldest (if you count twirling a streamer at the end to add tension/energy) was seventeen-year-old Joy.
See, last week was our church's annual "Night of Praise." Read: the praise band plays about a zillion and one songs, and the dance group shared our two, for a night of intense praise-and-worship.
And intense is just about the word for it. God showed up, and he showed off. And at the very start, one of the little-littles (who was in In Wonder) just couldn't stand still. While we're all singing, she's just down in front groovin', 'cause she doesn't know to curtail her worship yet. But it didn't stay with the littles. They're so contagious, everybody caught it. Even stupid Ella, standing on the stage with her stupid microphone, in her stupid position as back-up singer. After two years standing on that stupid (alright, I'll stop!) stage, I figured out how to just let go and worship my God in front of the crowd.
Aaaaaand, it was just in time for me to quit. That's right, folks, Ella (and Joy) are leaving the praise band. It's just time. I'll miss it, but it's time. And besides, now we have that much more energy to devote to the dance group.
Speaking of, the other song we shared last week was the one that Corinne choreographed to While You Were Sleeping by Casting Crowns. I was so excited for her to get to share that, I know it's a big step for her. It was a great piece, and she did a great job teaching it.
And now, everybody, I'd best be going. Sunday afternoon . . . stuff (including, but not limited to, a horrendous room that needs cleaning) to do. Catchya later!! :)

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