Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching up and Looking Forward

Hey, folks. Sorry it's been so long.  I have no excuses, I have no reasons, I'm just lazy, that's all. Picking up where I left off last time, Joy's parents did decide to let her come with us on our vacation. Yay!!! It was such an amazing trip. My grandparents, two of my cousins, and a family friend stayed there with us the first night, then the rest of the week it was just the seven of us. Swimming, movie- and laundry-watching, troll hunting, rock-climbing, book-writing, school-doing, ping-pong- and kazoo-playing, the list goes on and on. Haha, maybe I'd better give you some more details. When me and my bff are together, there's no telling what we'll do. We spent an hour watching clothes spin around in the washing machine, just for fun. Believe me, it's better than tv. We watched about a million movies, mostly Disney. 
Oh, dear goodness, I'm losing my mind. I cannot take this a 
moment longer. There is utter chaos in my house, I will finish 
this post when I can think again. 
Okay, I'm back. The kids are quietly (or, semi-quietly) playing hide-and-seek, and I can function again. So, where was I? Oh, yeah, vacation. Joy and I are convinced that the resort we were staying at has a resident troll that is in cahoots with everything else around the place and makes things go wrong. See, there was this tunnel thingy that was a run-off for the fishing lake, and it started making funny noises, and we joked that there was a troll in the tunnel. Then when other stuff made funny noises, we blamed the troll. The joke expanded to include anything that went wrong. Popcorn burning, things going missing, etc. Thus the joke, 'Stupid troll!!'.
One thing you never want to be around for is me and Joy playing ping-pong. It is violent. And scary. And oh-so-epic-ly-fun. I'm pretty sure we scared people. 
And speaking of scaring people, we probably did some of that with our kazoos. We played kazoo. A lot. Everywhere. People thought we were crazy. Which is good, 'cause we are.
We (Me, Joy, Mom, and Anne) went on the chair lift. Yeah, one of the perks of going to a ski resort in the off-season. We got to ride up to the top of the mountain and survey the entire valley. You know those aerial pictures of landscape that look like a patchwork quilt? Well, this place was like that. It was utterly breathtaking. Not to mention the wind that seemed bent on tearing you straight off the mountain. I think it almost did.
We had a ton of fun, the last night especially. We officially initiated Joy into our family by playing a card game with her the very last night of our vacation. You haven't lived until you've played a card game with my family. The music is loud, the fighting is louder, and the thing we do the least of is play the game. After that, we kept the music going, turned the fire up, and enjoyed our night. 
So it was an epic vacation, but I'm ever so glad to be home. I missed my church family, and it was wonderful to be able to see everybody yesterday morning. I could tell that we were missed, and that felt good. Man, I love my church! 
Service yesterday was really great. Worship was fun, fellowship was great, and I got to volunteer in the kindergarten-2nd grade class. I always love working with that age group. It's so rewarding. 
As for the today, it was no biggie. School. That's pretty much it. 
And now we've finally get to the looking forward part, but now that we're here, I can't remember what I wanted to look forward to and this post is getting too long anyway. I'll try again in another post. 

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  1. Haha. Woooooooow, that seems a lot weirder in list form than it did when we were doing it!