Friday, July 20, 2012

Stuff And Things

Before I go any further, I'd just like to say that the number of hits this blog got yesterday was more than ten times my daily average......
Proof that use of a particular celebrity's picture is an effective (though ethically questionable) way of upping your blog traffic. Face it, Ella. People are more interested in Benedict Cumberbatch's face than they are in what you have to say. Not that I'm blaming anyone, of course.
Coming soon: With the purchase (aka, read) of each blog post, readers will also receive a picture of a dishy British actor, absolutely free of charge. ;)

 In other news, VBS has come and gone; quite the same as every year. Me and Joy and goofy costumes (Hawaiian island theme this year, oversized men's hibiscus-print button-ups), and trying to talk to between ten and twenty precious, hyperactive, curious, impressionable first-second graders about how much Jesus loves them. This year, it involved my Aunt Becky and cousin Cara staying the week with us (Cara, being in second grade, was in my crew. :), a vicious fire-ant attack, a failed jaunt to the new thrift store 'round the corner, and an incredible amount of Shaun the Sheep. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I spent my first Wednesday night Bible study in the young adult's class day-before-yesterday. It . . . wasn't awful. Okay, well, it was awful, but it wasn't so awful. I was sitting at the foot of the table with two married couples on my left and a married couple and a dating couple on my right and. . . yeah; and then the topic was purely enraging, knowing God's will and telling the difference between your will and God's, which is like the main theme of my life right now, so I didn't talk. If I had talked, I might've exploded, which would've been really unfair to the rest of the class, it being my first week and all. And I felt out of place and awkward and shy, and I'm afraid Joy took rather more of my ilk than was really fair, for which I am both sorry and indebted. And hopefully these things get better in time.

It was also Riley's first week in pre-teens, and Anne's first week in youth. I am old.

Also. Um. Well, lastly, though not least. . . ly (?), we're, um, well, just in passing. We're moving. My brain=

I'll be back with you with more information when I have regained the ability to *ahem* "can."

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