Monday, September 13, 2010

The Cast

So I realize that, even with the little list of characters over to your right that I try to keep updated, things get a little confusing. I'll use a new name without any explanation at all, talk about somebody I haven't in a very long time, et cetera.
So I decided to give y'all the full run-down.
Family. Nuclear: Mom and Dad, Andrew, Anne, and Riley. Extended, Mom's side: Grandma and Pawpaw (with whom we are currently living), Uncle Bubba, Aunt Ruthie, and cousins Dawn, and Nikki. Extended, Dad's side: Nana and Papaw, Aunt Becky, Uncle Jared, and cousin Cara, Uncle Andy, Hailey, and Cal. Even further extended, Dad's side: the Ohio cousins, mainly Spring and Lynn.
Friends, youth group, girls: Tabby, who's relatively new to the group. Tori. Corine, who's become something of a little sister to me. Isabel, the youth leader's daughter and a dear friend. Haley, who very recently left for college. Them, along with Joy and myself, sort of make up the core group, as far as girls go. We're super-close, but the neat thing is, we're not clique-ish at all. We work really hard, when new people come in, to make them part of the group as fast as possible. Initiate them, sort of. The people we're working on right now are Cali, Danni, and Mandi.
Friends, youth group, guys: Stephen, alternately pretty cool and the bane of my existence. Brandon, I guess you'd call him my best guy friend. His little brother Paul, the anti-social one. Aaron, the future marine. Josh, the class clown. His little brother Pete, the miniature Josh, minus the angst. And that basically covers it.
I don't really have any friends outside of youth group, which is kinda lame, but oh well. C'est la vie. And that about covers it.

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